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      Jürgen Popp教授 學術報告通知

      標 題:Optical biopsies via multicontrast imaging

      時 間:2018年12月4日(周二) 下午16:00-18:00


      報告摘要:Reliable cancer diagnosis is a complex process and requires a number of diagnostic approaches, such as e.g. endoscopy, ultrasound, multi-detector computed tomography, etc. However, the current gold standard for making a definitive diagnosis is the histopathological examination, i.e. the microscopic analysis of specially stained tissue biopsies and cell material. For a fast and safe in vivo or near in vivo intraoperative diagnosis, however, new methods and approaches are urgently needed. In this presentation, we will explore the potential of optical methods to address these challenges through the implementation of optical molecular pathology. We will focus on molecular-sensitive spectroscopic methods, with particular emphasis on linear and nonlinear Raman spectroscopy and their combination with other spectroscopic / optical modalities, to provide a multimodal imaging approach for precise surgical guidance and intraoperative histopathological examination of tissue. In summary, we will present various combinations of spectroscopic modalities to maximize the extractable information to obtain a reliable diagnosis. The presented examples demonstrate the potential of multi-contrast spectroscopy to solve the challenges currently facing clinical pathology.

      Jürgen Popp教授簡介: 國際著名光學專家,德國耶拿光子研究所所長,耶拿大學物理化學學院院長,國際應用光譜學學會會士。國際著名期刊《Journal ofBiophotonics》主編,《Raman Spectroscopy》編委,洪堡基金(StiftungfürTechnologie, Innovation undForschungThüringen (STIFT))董事會管理成員。JürgenPopp教授在光子學、高分辨率分子成像以及成像光譜學等方面有著很深的造詣,曾于2016年獲匹茲堡光譜學獎,2018年被授予捷克斯洛伐克光譜學會Ioannes Marcus Marci獎章,發表學術論文750余篇。

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