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      William E. Ward教授 學術報告通知

      標 題:Wind, temperature and constituent observations using Field Widened Michelson Interferometers

      時 間:2018年12月4日(周二) 下午14:00-16:00


      報告摘要:Interferometric techniques are capable of providing high spectral resolution measurements of radiation from planetary atmospheres. The field widened Michelson interferometer is one such technique. It is a high throughput device which is capable of imaging the fringe form of isolated emission lines or groups of a few emission lines. Applications of this technique to observing airglow features in the terrestrial and Martian atmospheres have been developed. The observables include wind, temperature and emission brightness from which information on constituents can be obtained. In this talk, these applications will be discussed with particular attention being paid to the use of this technique as a satellite instrument.

      William E.Ward教授簡介: 世界著名光學專家、地球物理學家,加拿大紐布朗什維克大學研究生院院長,前加拿大空間和大氣物理學會主席,國際太陽-地球物理學術委員會加拿大國家代表、工作組組長,國際中層大氣委員會、加拿大物理學會、美國地球物理學會和氣象學會會員,約克大學博士,劍橋大學博士后,國際著名期刊《AtmosphericChemistry and Physics》編委。主要研究領域為地球物理與大氣物理,在新型干涉儀研制及對大氣成分、溫度和風場光學遙感探測等方面在國際上取得了重大突破和杰出成就,在國際著名期刊發表高水平學術論文220余篇。

      地址:陜西省西安市咸寧西路28號      郵編:710049    版權所有:西安交通大學

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