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      Xiuping Jia與J. Scott Tyo學術報告通知(二)

      報告題目:On hard and soft hyperspectral image classification uncertainty



      人:Xiuping Jia

      報告摘要:A hyperspectral imager is designed with a specified spatial resolution, which is often limited as spectral measurements are the priority. The low spatial resolution leads to a large number of mixed pixels in an image, which generates high uncertainty in hard classification, where each pixel in a hyperspectral image is labelled as one of the defined classes. Spectral unmixing techniques have been developed to map each pixel as a weighted sum of the endmember classes it contains. It offers an effective means to overcome the hardware limitation via post image processing.

      Several issues in spectral unmixing techniques will be discussed in this talk, including endmember extraction, primary class data representation, and mixture modelling. The emphasis will be placed on within class spectral variation and the associated unmixing uncertainty. The concept of unmixing resolution and fuzzy assessment will be introduced and discussed.

      報告人簡介:Xiuping Jia博士,國際著名遙感數據分析、高光譜圖像分類專家,澳大利亞新南威爾士大學工程與信息技術學院博導,哈爾濱工程大學、西安電子科技大學、中國石油大學的客座教授,中國農業信息技術工程技術研究中心兼職研究員,IEEE GRSS Symposium Award Committee主席,《遙感數字圖像分析》(Springer-Verlag, 3rd(1999))第四版著者,國際著名期刊IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing副主編,Journal of Soils and Sediments編輯,2018年獲多蘿西綠色獎。主要從事遙感圖像處理和空間數據分析領域的研究,發表學術論文190余篇。

      報告題目:Fundamentals of Modulated Polarimeters



      人:J. SCOTT TYO

      報告摘要:Polarization images are captured using two primary strategies. In the first, the incoming beam of light is split into multiple copies which are independently analyzed and measured. In the second, the incoming image is modulated in space, time, wavelength, etc., in a polarization-dependent way. These modulation strategies place polarization image information into channels in frequency space, from which the polarization data can be demodulated. This talk will cover the basics of channeled polarimetry and will review many of the recent popular strategies. Examples will be given for temporal, spatial, and spectral modulation; systems with modulation in multiple domains; systems with bandwidth considerations; and we will discuss recent work with non-separable modulation strategies that provide the potential for even better performance.


      報告人簡介:J. Scott Tyo教授,國際著名偏振光學專家,澳大利亞新南威爾士大學工程與信息技術學院院長,國際電氣和電子工程師協會(IEEE)會士,美國光學學會(OSA)會士,國際光學工程學會(SPIE)會士。曾任美國亞利桑那大學(University of Arizona)光學與電子計算機工程教授,2014年被授予SPIE GG Stokes獎。在國際著名學術期刊Optics Letters、Optics Express、Applied Optics、IEEE Trans. AntennasPropagate、IEEE Trans. Geosci.、Remote Sens等發表學術研究論文200余篇,被國際同行他引2000余次,單篇最高引用600余次。

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