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      Previous supervision of doctorate students (first supervisor unless stated)
      Ordinal Name Gender Graduation Title of Thesis Current Employer
      1 Ai Jingjing female 2014 Key technology research on tempo-spatially modulated interference imaging spectral polarimetry
      2 Zhang Xuanni female 2014 Research on the key technology of static wind imaging Michelson interferometer with film-coated quadrant mirror
      3 Kang Yongqiang male 2014 Research on resonance tunneling characteristics of photonic crystals containing metamaterials
      4 Cao Qizhi male 2014 Research on snapshot imaging polarimeter
      5 Zhu Yingying female 2014 Research on the key technologies of novel aotf polarization imaging spectrometer
      6 Lu Lin female 2014 Research on polarization interference imaging spectroscopy based on sagnac interferometer
      7 Jia Chenlin male 2014 Research on Integration Information of Image, Spectrum and Polarization Acquisition Technology
      8 Gao Peng male 2013 Theoretical and experimental researches of the negative refraction properties in metamaterials
      9 Zhang Lin male 2013 The research on the key technologies of atmospheric wind passive measurement and co2 hyperspectral inversion
      10 Wang Jinchan female 2013 Research on the key technologies of atmospheric wind measurement by static polarization interference
      11 Ren Wenyi male 2013 The research on the polarization interference imaging spectrum recovery technology
      12 Zhu Baohui male 2013 The optical technology used for upper atmospheric wind and co2 measurement
      13 Qu Yan female 2013 The database of initial values for inversion of greenhouse gases from hyper-spectral observations and sensitivity analysis of the inversion
      14 Li Ying female 2013 Key technology for remote sensing of atmospheric wind, temperature and co2 concentration
      15 Li Gang male 2013 Study on the negative refractive index materials that are constructed with metal wires and split ring resonators
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